Fire Training

American ERT provides a variety of fire training classes. All classes are designed to meet your company or organization’s needs while complying with current NFPA and OSHA standards and laws. We do a full onsite analysis to assess the state of your training and the unique issues and challenges faced by your Emergency Response team. We partner with our customers to make sure every class we teach will help them be better prepared to deal with the various fires they may have to fight. Our courses are delivered to all types of fire brigades as well as all types and sizes of fire departments.

Courses Offered:

  • New Member Fire Brigade
  • Annual Fire Brigade Refresher
  • New Member Fire Truck Operator
  • Fire Truck Operator Refresher
  • Initial Incident Command & Leadership
  • Annual Incident Command & Leadership Refresher
  • Quarterly Fire Brigade Training
  • Marine Firefighting
  • Jerome Rood

    Position: Training Operations Manager / Lead Instructor / Ferrara Fire Apparatus Specialist

    Phone: (865) 389-1022