The best emergency response training... 


American ERT provides emergency response training to emergency teams across the United States with mobile “live” fire and Confined Space Rescue training units. All of our professional staff have “real-world” experience and most are still active on emergency response teams around the U.S. In fact, each team member leading training has over a 15 year average of experience in their field of expertise.


AMERICAN ERT SAVES YOUR COMPANY MONEY by bringing “live” fire, realistic confined space rescue, and hazardous materials training simulators to your facility. OSHA and NFPA standards and regulations require an emergency response organization to train in “like” spaces and situations that they would have to respond to. All AERT programs meet and/or exceed these OSHA and NFPA required training regulations and standards. This saves you travel, hotel/motel, per diem, and extra overtime payroll expenses when required to send your emergency response teams to a generic fixed site training center.


In addition to their social costs, workplace injuries and illnesses have a major impact on an employer’s bottom line. It has been estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs alone. The costs of workplace injuries and illnesses include direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, and costs for legal services. Examples of indirect costs include governmental fines, replacement employees, accident investigation and implementation of corrective measures, lost productivity, repairs of damaged equipment and property, and costs associated with lower employee morale and absenteeism.